Felting- using heat, moisture, and pressure to transform wool and other fibers into cloth- is an ancient process that is still used today. It creates warm, durable fabric suitable for many uses. Today, felt making has become an art. Using the same ancient methods, as well as some newer techniques, fiber artists are transforming wool fibers into sculptures, fine clothing and accessories, and 2 dimensional “paintings” that hang on the wall.


One of these newer techniques is Nuno Felting. Fine layers of loose wool, alpaca, mohair, or other animal fibers are felted through an existing woven fabric (usually cotton or silk).  The strength of the woven fabric allows very fine layers of wool to be used, resulting in a pliable, lightweight cloth. The wool gives texture to the underlying fabric, puckering the fabric as it shrinks. Adding silk or bamboo fibers, ribbons, or other embellishments creates myriad textures and looks, allowing each piece to truly be a one-of-a-kind work of art.

My Story


I found felting through a good friend who runs an alpaca ranch. She sent me some fiber to play with, and it was love at first touch. One search of “Nuno Felting” on Pinterest, and I knew it was something I had to learn. While the basic ingredients of water, soap, and agitation are required for all felting, every artist finds their own ways of laying out fiber, wetting it down, and working it until it holds together and shrinks into a cohesive fabric. Through many hours of reading and "playing" I developed my own ever-evolving process. I love the tactile nature of felting, feeling the fiber transform in my hands. I love the freedom to explore color and pattern. I especially love the unpredictable magic that happens as the fibers shrink and the fabric puckers.  No two pieces turnout the same. 


Sherri O Designs was born first to support my felting “habit” and, secondly, to share this magic with others. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. People are eager to incorporate more art and beauty in their daily lives. Wearing art that "speaks to us" is a great way to express our individuality and uniqueness. Every item I sell is my own creation, made with my own hands.